Impact of Advertisement in our Life

Advertisement is a small word with a huge impact on our daily lives.  Nowadays what we see and what we buy it’s just because of a company’s good Advertisement and its way of promoting the product. It’s the best way of selling goods. It is an important part of modern life and every-day existence. Basically, it’s a service of a company to the society as a kind of guide to the commercial market. All Companies advertise their product through several platforms like newspapers, internet, radio, and most importantly television. Today watching TV is the most common leisure activity, most of the time people spend with.

Television has been a popular medium for large retailers because the TV has a bigger audience, so a company can easily reach them. Advertisement is the most important part of the marketing process. This is beneficial to the manufacturer, consumer and to the retailer as a whole. Advertisement plays a major role to introduce a new product in the market for the customer. Companies spend a huge amount of money on advertising their product. They even hire celebrities for their endorsement, for example, Kareena Kapoor for Lux Beauty Soap, Salman Khan for Thumps-up, Shah Rukh Khan for  Dish TV HD Packages and there are many more. Advertisements also make our life more cheerful and they help us to look at the bright side of life. Advertisement helps to increase the sale; it also helps to educate the people about the product. And also open big opportunities for unemployed people like painter, carpenter, and people who work in different AD Agencies.                                                                                             

Apart from all these good qualities Advertisement also have some flaws. The company spends a huge amount of money for their promotions which lead to an increase in the price of the product. It also confuses the buyer to get good quality products even after paying a higher price. Sometimes provocative words or images are used in advertisements to attract a particular class or segment which causes decay of social values. Whatever if an advertisement did not exist, life might become spiceless, that`s why in Dish TV HD Packages promotion we came to see where Shah Rukh Khan says “Life Masala Maar Ke”.